Financial Planning - The six steps to living life on your terms

Your financial future depends on how you address your individual circumstances. It all begins with understanding these six steps to financial independence.

  1. Cash Flow
    Earn additional income, save money on taxes, and manage expenses
  2. Debt Management
    Consolidate debt

  3. Emergency Fund
    Save 3- 6 months income and prepare for unexpected expenses

  4. Income Protection
    Protect against loss of income and family assets

  5. Build Wealth
    Outpace inflation and reduce taxes through professional money management

  6. Preserve Wealth
    Build a family legacy and estate transfer

5 Reasons to have a plan

  1. Prioritize your financial goals
    For example, if you buy a new car now, will you have enough savings later to buy a house or go back to school? Which of these goals is most important to you?

  2. Save money to reach your goals
    You may find it easier to save when you know what you are saving for

  3. Focus on the bigger picture
    Your financial plan considers everything from watching your spending to managing your investments to minimizing your taxes

  4. Organize your finances
    A financial plan can help you balance spending and saving, keep track of expenses and manage debt

  5. Worry less about money
    with a plan, you will know where you are today and how to get to where you want to go