What is Exempt Market?

The exempt market is referred as the “private” or “alternative” market and many of the companies involved were doing real estate based investments. Other types of exempt market products include REITs, Hedge Funds, Flow Through Shares, Limited Partnerships etc.

Why haven’t I heard of the Exempt Market before?

The exempt or private capital market has been around for centuries as people have always raised private capital to fund their developments.  Prior to the 2000's though, this market was largely inhabited only by the wealthy and not available to average investors.

Why should I invest in the Exempt Market? Why is the Exempt Market a better alternative to conventional investments?

The Exempt Market can help you reach your financial goals and retirement dreams faster than conventional investments.  That is the market's main draw for investors - much higher and more consistent rates of return than stocks, mutual funds or bonds.  Also, less volatility as the Exempt Market is largely unaffected by stock market fluctuations. For investors, this means that their capital is increasing faster and they will have more capital to continue investing at higher rates.


Real Estate Investment Trusts and Real Estate Development

Canada and USA

Private Lending

Commercial and Residential

Currency Market

Foreign and Digital Currency, Commodities


Flow-through shares

Pre Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

Pre IPO Stocks (USA and Canada Market - NASDAQ/TSX)

Venture Capitals

Varies sectors