Do I Need Tenant’s Insurance?

YES. Here’s why: Landlord’s insurance on the building does not cover your personal belongings – in fact, anything you bring into your home. You are also responsible for the harm you accidently cause to any part of the building and to others who live or visit there.   Tenant insurance protects you in two ways: …

Mortgage Insurance – Understanding your options

Do you have mortgage insurance from the lenders or the banks that tie to your home? Do you plan to purchase life, critical illness, or disability insurance? Not all mortgage protection is created equal. Before you buy, ask the following questions:  It's only fair to share…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPinterest0

What can insurance products do for you and your family?

Canadians generally agree that life insurance is an important part of a financial security plan. However, many are not sure what are the advantages of life insurance or where to find out more information and purchase it. It's only fair to share…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPinterest0