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Most Popular Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you explain the business model?

This model is called Amazon Wholesale/FBA. We have agreements with big brand suppliers (2000+) and will be selling brand name products. (Nike, Adidas, Fisher Price, Sony, Samsun, Disney, Colgate, etc). We purchase products in bulk from the manufacturer/distributor and have it sent to our warehouse where we label it, box it up and send it to Amazon to fulfill.

Q2. How many Team Members will be working on my store?

1 Account manager and 3 team members to help you reach 100K/month in sales. If you want to surpass 100K/month in sales we will need to add more team members. There is no cost to you for this.

Q3. What is the timeline/Expecation for this?

Week 1-2
-New account set up.
-Vendor research for new Suppliers Gather Short list of Vendors with good catalogs

Week 3-4
-Filling out applications Daily and submission for signature.
-Obtaining catalogs with UPC prices, negotiating Rates, setting delivery practices.Week 5-6
-Conducting Product research for the Inbound Catalogs
-Negotiating individual Item Rates
-Shipment CalculationsWeek 7-8
-Ungating with Amazon Submission of Invoices Category Approvals Placing Purchase ordersWeek 9-10
-Account management begins – Feedback follow up, Price Alerts, Stranded inventory, etc.
-Managing Sales
-Predicting ReordersWeek 11-12
-Source new suppliers
-More product research
-Manage reorders to maintain current sales levels.
-Initial product testing – 10k in sales
Week 13+
-Larger order + Reorder Stage 30 – 50k+ in monthly sales.
-More product research
-Manage reorders to maintain current sales levels.

Q4. How many suppliers are you using?

We currently have over 2000 manufactures/distributors that we are using for this service. We are constantly looking for new companies to build our supplier list.

Q5. Are the orders being placed direcly on suppliers website? What is the process?

Orders are placed on suppliers website in bulk. We ship those products to a warehouse that will prepare the order. We then ship it to Amazon and have Amazon fulfill orders for us.

Q6. What dictates whether one client’s account which was started the same time as another client of Valiants, is doing upwards of 20k in sales vs $0, as opposed to equal attention and growth?

All accounts are treated the same and this is why we can only take on a certain amount of clients per month. We give each account the attention they need/deserve to be able to scale.

Q7. To get to $100k in sales, that is a lot of transactions to manage. And with the number of accounts…it is a lot. Does Valiant have the manpower to handle all that and keep quality and profits high?

Yes. We have 6 account managers and 200+ team members right now who can manage hundreds of accounts. We will continue to improve the platform and add new team members to support our growth. We also only onboard a certain amount of clients per month to handle the workload.

Q8. What is the ratio account vs account manager to ensure there is no overload of work hence underperforming accounts?

Each account manager manages 30 stores. Each employee manages up to 10 stores. 

Q9. Can I select the products/categories I want to sell in? I currently have an FBA brand and would like to keep the same products/categories as close as possible.

Yes! Simply email support and we will tell our team to do product research based off categories you want.

Q10. Can I use multiple credit cards with the supplier?

Yes you can. When you receive your invoice you can pick the card you want to use.

Q11, What kind of box is the customer going to get when they receive the product?

Customer will be receiving a brown box that does not have an invoice attached inside or any company name/branding. This is how we stay compliant with TOS and keep customers happy.

Q12. Will you stay with us running our stores forever?

Yes. We would love to keep making 30% from your store. That’s mainly the reason why we launched this business model to help everyone scale. 

Q13. How long does it take for products to be listed in store?

If you provide us with everything we need to get started, by month 2 you will have products listed and selling. Please refer to questions #3 that covers this information.

Q14. How many products will be listed on my store in the first 3 months? 6 months?

Depends on your working capital. To hit 100K/month in revenue you will need around 300-500 products listed. That usually will happen by month 6-12.

Q15. Let’s say our account reaches 100k/month in 4 to 7 months time. What is the approximately net margin consideringrefunds etc.

We aim to get you 25%+. Every store is different because of products. We are seeing on average around 30-35% profit margins on accounts.

Q16. How long does it take to ship a product?

This comes down to Amazon and their team. Usually 1-3 days and the product will be shipped to customer. Also depends on what shipping time customer picked at checkout and if they have Prime shipping. This is not something you need worry about since it falls on Amazon resposibility.

Q17. What is the usual turn around time for inventory?

For a test order, they can have it back within 1 month. Once an account is mature, we want turnaround to be closer to 90 days to make sure we don’t lose sales due to stock-outs.

Q18. Can you provide month on month working capital breakdown to help us arrange the funds required to scale quickly?

Month 1= $0,
Month 2= 10K,
Month 3+ = Depends on how fast you want to scale. The more you have access to the faster we can scale you. Minimum needed is 10K for inventory.