Our Vision

Our company provide financial strategies and distributes insurance and investment products throughout British Columbia, Canada. We are passionately dedicated to putting our clients first in an ever-changing environment and circumstances and create plans that would benefit individual and family needs.


Our Mission

Our Leadership Team and Company believes:

✓ Success is an interdependent process
✓ Integrity always comes before profit
✓ We don’t make excuses
✓ We lead through the highest standards of performance

Why We Are Different

We partner with multiple firms and carriers to provide ultimate financial solutions to our clients. We are experienced in multiple sectors to allow us to provide unbias advise with appropriate solutions that match to our clients' financial goals.

Picture of Sandy Gum 顧瑜珊
Insurance Advisor

Sandy Gum 顧瑜珊

Sandy Gum is an insurance and private equity specialist. When it comes to money, how much do you know? Maybe you know little about personal finance or maybe you think achieving financial security is impossible on your income. Ask yourself, are you constantly stressed out about volatile market that put your money at risk or concerned about not having enough savings for your retirement? Sandy Gum helps families and business owners protect their assets and build wealth using tax-efficient strategies and result-driven financial products. Let Sandy Gum show you how to manage your hard earned money in a better way and build real, lasting wealth that you can count on to achieve your financial goals. Whether you need some financial advise or as simple as requesting an insurance quote, she is there to help!

Picture of Gina Tan 譚昭儀
Insurance Advisor

Gina Tan 譚昭儀

Gina is a licensed insurance advisor. She is intrinsically motivated to help you achieve financial success and freedom. As a graduate of UBC economics, she was passionate about financial planning and allocation of resources from the start. Her family members had financial difficulties due to poor financial judgments and lived the style of paycheque to paycheque, she is now genuinely devoted, and motivated to help others with their finances. Not having to worry about money truly gives you a new perspective on life and allows you to do the things you truly enjoy. With her assistance, you will feel empowered and in control of your finances. You will not have to worry about money being an issue anymore and start working towards to your financial goals. You will then be able to enjoy the finer things in life.